This is my graduation project, This is case more than a project, it's a dream to me by the way,Thread short selim is modern Artist suffering from schizophrenia, but His illness make him fly to the last muslims empire ( Ottoman empire ) where he live his happy life at the end he decided to don’t treatment, from his illness and live in his imagination
The logo made as Tughra, a Tughra is a calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of a sultan that was affixed to all official documents and correspondence. It was also carved on his seal and stamped on the coins minted during his reign. Very elaborate decorated versions were created for important documents that were also works of art in the tradition of Ottoman illumination, and the concept of design stationery is mix between modern doodle and old ottoman islamic pattern 
                            Please pause the Soundtrack below, before playing the video above
Thank You !
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